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A bike race closed many of the roads in Victoria on the day we had our tour and Mark was very creative at being able to get us to the planned stops. Because of the road closures some stops involved more walking than in the tour description, but Mark always asked if we wanted to go ahead with that stop (we always did).He took us to some places less traveled that are "local gems" not found in travel brochures as well as better known sites. At his suggestion, we picked up some to-go fish and chips and took them to one stop where we enjoyed the meal while enjoying a beautiful vista.  During the day, Mark shared his knowledge of the area and its history. overall, it was a day we will fondly remember for a long long time.
Captclw, Knoxvillem Tennessee - September 5, 2018
Mark is an amazing guide who really cares about his fellows. We got great views and Mark made some awesome pictures. Can recommend the Tour for everybody with normal fitness.
Andre P.  Germany - September 5, 2018
My husband and I reviewed several different hikes and activities and chose this one based on the reviews and the views. Mark was a real professional, very personable, communicative and informative. He was also great when it came to working out a meeting place based on where we were staying so as not to have us back tracking when we got done. The views and information he shared were fantastic. Him being a professional photographer was like the icing on the cake, he took some great shots that were so impressive based on his vantage point. You can tell he's taken some of those a few times. If you're looking for a nice long hike that's not too challenging but does offer that you be somewhat fit, this is the one, you will not be disappointed. He makes sure you're well equipped and handling the hike in the safest way possible along with providing good tips. Mark really does make the hike, so look no further!!
Susan T., Mesa, Arizona - September 4, 2018
My husband and I truly enjoyed this hiking. Fantastically enjoyable and not too difficult (I was a beginner hiker). Mark was a brilliant & helpful guide, and great fun! Astonishing views of the fjord from the top, which allowed us to take a step back from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. This experience has made me a big fan of hiking! Our highest recommendation.
Maki K.,  Chicago, Illinois - September 3, 2018
Can’t recommend this hike enough. Mark is an informative and friendly guide, brought us to all the great views, and took some beautiful pictures for us. We really enjoyed our time with him and will definitely be booking another tour with Hike Victoria whenever we make it back to the island.
Allie I. ,  Chicago, Illinois - September 1, 2018

We had a fantastic time on this hike. Mark is a great guide and photographer and also very entertaining company. He takes your safety very seriously too.  The views from the top are worth the climb and we had the added benefit of being with another couple on the hike who were great fun.  Highly recommend this trip.

Clare R.,  Shropshire, England - August 29, 2018

Our hiking adventure with Mark was SO fun! He is knowledgeable, funny, and a great photographer!  Scenery was great and can’t wait to see professional photos of us in this glorious place! The hike was just the right challenge and length to leave me ready for bed tonight with great memories!
Janet B.,  Bluffton, South Carolina - August 29, 2018
This was a great way to see the lesser known parts of Victoria. This is a personal tour with Mark, who takes you to see the beautiful natural sights, adding lots of fascinating insights into the flora, fauna and history of the place. We shall look forward to doing the hike on our next visit.
Stephen G., Yorkshire, England - August 25, 2018
My wife and I saw many interesting and unique aspects of the Victoria area that we would never have seen on our own. Although the smokey air prevented us from seeing some panoramic scenic views, it did not detract from the natural beauty of the parks and waterways we visited. Mark is clearly passionate about the area and does his best to provide an interesting tour.
Karl S.,  La Jolla California - August 24, 2018
We booked this tour because we enjoy walking, and as we only had a short stay in Victoria we wanted a guided tour to enable to explore and see what the area had to offer. Mark was just great and a brilliant guide. He is very knowledgeable about all sorts of things, and fun with it! Mark is very friendly and goes out of his way to make sure you are relaxed and enjoy what the walk has to offer. The walk will remain in our memories - along with some fabulous photos! Really recommended - book and enjoy!
Loo loo, Hertfordshire, England - August 23, 2018
I did the Top of Gowlland Tour - and I am so happy about it! It's a great short hike, and although the weather conditions weren't the best, the view was nevertheless worth it. Furthermore, Mark is an amazing guide, very knowledgeable and super nice!
Emma K., Cologne, Germany - Auagust 22, 2018
My wife and I had a wonderful time on the tour. Mark is very friendly and we felt quite safe and at home while stopping at various locations around Victoria. We learned quite a lot about local flora and fauna as well as the history of the area. It was great to be picked up and dropped off at our hotel. No worries about having to find a ride to and from the tour. Mark also provided hiking poles for my wife which we appreciated very much. We ended our tour with a very short hike to the top of a mountain with a beautiful view. Overall it was an experience we will never forget. We even got to see some harbour seals. A big Labrador Thank You to Mark for doing what you do.
Willy M., Goose Bay, Labrador, Canada - August 20, 2018
My wife and I saw many interesting and unique aspects of the Victoria area that we would never have seen on our own. Although the smokey air prevented us from seeing some panoramic scenic views, it did not detract from the natural beauty of the parks and waterways we visited. Mark is clearly passionate about the area and does his best to provide an interesting tour.
Karl S., Lajolla, California, USA - August 19, 2018
My wife and I spent several days in Victoria and wanted to do something active. We are in our 60s and enjoy being active but are not nuts about it. We also know that outdoor plans are going to be weather defined. We ended up with the hottest day of the summer (90sF). Coming from New England, the dry Victoria weather made the heat much more manageable than at home. I credit Mark's leadership as we hiked at a perfectly relaxing pace with lots of hydration along the way. The climb was the hightlght of our trip.
By going with Mark (and a delightful British couple), our trip was perfectly planned. A car trip to the base of a spectacular provincial park trail that has abundant views, A steep start, then the trail eases up past rocky overlooks and beautiful paths through the woods. Mark has the route well planned and timed so the late day sunlight gives the fjord a soothing glow as we made our descent. Mark knows his hikers and provides just enough emphasis on safety and self care so that everyone is on the same page. While I usually plan my own itinerary, it was great to be taken care of, and I would add that the price is extraordarily reasonable. Thank you, Mark. Future customers are in for a great experience.
Nick F., Northhampton, Massachesetts, USA - August 19, 2019
We booked this tour because we enjoy walking, and as we only had a short stay in Victoria we wanted a guided tour to enable to explore and see what the area had to offer. Mark was just great and a brilliant guide. He is very knowledgeable about all sorts of things, and fun with it! Mark is very friendly and goes out of his way to make sure you are relaxed and enjoy what the walk has to offer. The walk will remain in our memories - along with some fabulous photos! Really recommended - book and enjoy!
Looloo, Hertfordshire, England - August 17, 2018
Mark picked us up at our hotel and dropped us off after our hike. There were seven on our outing and we laughed all day long . Mark is an amazing guide and very knowledgeable about the area .  The views were breathtaking and we were given plenty of time to take photographs and capture the moment.  I would definitely recommend taking this trip whilst in Victoria. I would do it again in a heartbeat
Alison S., Paisley, Scotland - August 17, 2018
Went through the mountain with mark had an excelent time. He is quite knowelagable with the wildlife and the land . 10/10 :)
Ben S., Barrie Ontario, Canada - August 17, 2018
My daughter and I were were fortunate to do this hiking tour with Mark, our tour guide, and with Karen and Ken from Tasmania. We had a blast and shared some laughs and good conversations. The visited sites were fabulous and were mostly places we would not have visited on our own. Mark also gave great advice for our trip to Tofino/Ucluelet. The tour was a fun and wonderful experience, and I strongly recommend it!
Swamy N., Chicago, Illinois, USA - August 12, 2018
My husband and I had the most enjoyable time with Mark. He is professional. Great knowledge of the area. The photos along with the two walks was most enjoyable. I would do again in a heart beat.
Karen W., Hobart, Tasmania, Australia - August 12, 2018
We had a great time with our guide Mark. Only day it rained during our stay in Canada was the day we planned to go Top of Gowlland Tod Hike. But Mark quickly gave us alternatives showing beautiful photos of coastline and forest and asked us if we would want to go to the places of these photos taken and a light hiking after that. What a great idea! We didn’t even need to give up hiking.
The weather got better as we started the tour and we enjoyed beautiful shorelines, sun lights through layers of clouds, arts, meeting a gentleman playing piano and hiking up Mt. Douglas. Mark took photos of us along the way of the tour. Some of them he sent to us were in black and white, which turned out so nicely. Mark explained history and nature at every place and also how to walk safely with hiking poles when we walked in the mountain which was really helpful.  My husband and son said they had been sorry for not being able to fully communicate with Mark during our tour. But Mark was so nice to all of us... Thank you so much, Mark - Mark also gave us 20% off of the whale watching tour which we joined next day. We truly enjoyed our stay in Victoria both on land and the ocean!  If you have an opportunity to stay in Victoria and want to walk in a beautiful scenery I will recommend you to join Hike Victoria. It will be your unforgettable day in Victoria with Mark.

Satako I, Japan - August 11, 2018

The hike was beautiful and informational. Mark our guide gate us such great historic and wildlife stories! He was professional, fun, and took amazing photos of our group. :)
Kim M., Salt Lake City, Utah - August 9, 2018
This hike was such a treat! We really enjoyed the scenic views, it was so beautiful! Mark was the best guide-fun, informational, and professional. Plus, he took some amazing photos of our group which we will always treasure. I would highly recommend this hike and tour if you are on Vancouver Island--whether you're stopping over on a cruise or spending a few days on the island, it's worth going!
Christina M., Boise, Idaho, USA - August 9, 2018
Best Hiking Guide Ever!  Our family went on a guided hike with Mark in Victoria British Columbia. We had a lot of laughs. Definitely will go back for a different hike with Mark.
Vaea F., Salt Lake City, Utah, USA - August 9, 2018
This hike of moderate difficulty is just what we were looking for to help offset some of the consumption. Mark is an excellent guide and photographer. He really took time to ensure we had what we needed to stay safe and hydrated on this unusually hot day. The scenery was absolutely stunning!
Rod H., Wilmington, Deleware, USA - August 8, 2018
This truly was the highlight of our trip to Victoria. Don't miss the opportunity to do this hike with Mark! The hike and views were amazing. Our family decided on this hike last minute, as we weren't sure we could all do it. Mark took our last minute reservation, and he sure delivered an incredible day for us! We met another couple on our hike which was also an added bonus. We truly enjoyed ourselves and felt accomplished when we reached the top. The views were worth it. Mark took some beautiful pictures for us as well which will make great memories for our family. I can't say enough about Mark and the hike! Do it....you won't regret it!
Christine O., Houston, Texas, USA - August 8, 2018
Awesome hiking and photo tour!  Mark is simply the best. Greatest way to see the beauty of Victoria and Vancouver Island. A must do for everyone.
Gregg M., San Diego, California, USA - August 6, 2018
We were looking for something not so "touristy" and we found it. Mark is enthusiastic about his community, knowledgeable and generally entertaining; we had a very enjoyable time with him. He explained some of the history of Victoria, he pointed out the different neighborhoods, and highlighted details that are not found on any map. He was very helpful in finding us some lunch and taking us to a breathtaking observation point to eat that we NEVER would have found on our own. I would certainly go on another of his hikes if we are ever back in Victoria.
Susan L., Austin Texas, USA - August 5, 2018
We used to hike in Canadian Rockies, now we hiked in Vancouver Island wilderness park. Mark was a superb guide, suggested walking sticks that ended up being crucial to our success in a very ambitious hiking climb and descent. Mark has deep experience, great sense of humor. He took excellent photos of us, made available (optional) at very reasonable cost. You will certainly not be bored! I could say much more, but will simply recommend this to our friends.
Jim T., Quincy, Massachusetts, USA - August 3, 2018
Great hike on Vancouver Island.  If you are in Victoria and want to get out of town and experience the outdoors, then this is the trip for you. Mark picked us up at our hotel and drove us and another couple up into the hills. He provided water, a snack and walking poles, which he explained how to use. The walk is moderately difficult (not so much in terms of exertion but the path is uneven and the poles were really helpful) but Mark ensured we had plenty of stops, warned us of any hazards and made us feel very safe. He was very informative and told us about the wildlife and landscape. The views are spectacular and we look forward to seeing Mark's photos of us against this beautiful back drop.We highly recommend Hike Victoria.
Russell H., Aberdeen Scotland - August 2, 2018
This was the highlight of my trip to Victoria. Mark is an amazing tour guide and so enjoyable to speak with, the pick up/drop off process is incredibly convenient, and, you get to see spectacular views on a short hike through a beautiful forest. Not to mention there are other travelers from around the world who you will get to know and speak with. Highly recommend this experience if you are in Victoria. OH - and one more thing to mention! Mark is a professional photographer who WILL get incredible photos of you. I was very happy with how they turned out!! Thanks Mark for a great time. I’ll be back one day for another trail :)
Alex T., Toronto, Ontario, Canada - August 2, 2018
We had such a fantastic time on this tour! It was our favorite thing to do well we spent five days in Victoria. We saw some of the most beautiful out-of-the-way sites and also learned some interesting historical facts. We are absolutely thrilled that we included this activity in our itinerary!
Patti R., Coeur De Lane, Idaho, USA - July 31, 2018
Thoroughly enjoyed our day combining the natural beauty tour in the morning and Gowlland Tod in the afternoon.  Mark was very informative throughout and provided water and snacks. Recommended a great lunch spot for us between activities. Would highly recommend.
Peter and Missy, Sydney, Australia - July 29, 2018
We have visited Victoria frequently over the years and this time we were looking to find a way to see more of the places that the locals love. This hike did just that. Mark picked us up right in front of our resort in his van. It was just us and him. Talk about a personal tour!
As a hobby photographer myself, it was fun to hear his take on what would make a good picture and he even took a few shots with my camera. He was very friendly and really knows the history and natural plants and animals of the area. The different stops on the hike are exactly as advertised...beautiful and in several cases we were the only ones there!
You will want good sneakers at a minimum or hiking boots and it is a good idea to have layers of clothing with you because the first few stops had a light breeze from the ocean and the later stops were quite warm. Mark does provide lots of water and he was even able to accommodate a snack for a gluten allergy. You can tell he cares about your safety.
Mark will take your picture at each of the sites and one photo is included in the price of the hike. He doesn't do a hard sell to have you buy the whole set of pictures. We were extremely pleased with the shots he took and gladly got them all.
This hike was perfect for what we needed this time. Next time we are in Victoria, we will be trying out the Top of Gowlland Tod hike or, if it is the right time of year, the Salmon hike. See you next time, Mark!
Scott M., Seattle Washington, USA - July 27, 2018
This tour was outstanding in every way and better than we imagined in advance! First, it was a pleasure to be picked up and dropped off again at our lodgings; we soon discovered that Mark -- the Director of Hike Victoria as well as our tour guide -- had the perfect personality for his job: socially engaging, totally enthusiastic and knowledgable about the sites we visited; and quick to adjust the pace and rigor of the tour to our level (baby boomers in our mid-60s, healthy and fit, but not super-athletes or hikers).  And the places he took us...each one was a delight in its own way. There was a beautiful long pier, a rocky beach, a cove full of driftwood, a forest, city parks, many mountain and water views, and, finally, we were up on top of a mountain ourselves! Every stop showed off nature's beauty, and we learned history and charming anecdotes about Victoria as well.This tour was the most outstanding and memorable thing that we did during our visit to Victoria. Thank you, Mark, for being so good at what you do.
Karla A., Boston, Massachesetts, USA - July 22, 2018
Would definitely recommend spending a day out with Mark visiting the sights of Victoria. Had a very entertaining and eventful time taking in the local beaches, parks and wildlife which all provided great opportunities for taking some memorable photos. Mark was also very generous and patient in sharing his passion for photography which we greatly appreciated. Great memories.
Carlo P.,  Melborne Australia - July 10, 2018
We had a wonderful Day looking over beautiful Victoria , Vancouver island , Canada ! Mark took us to some very interesting sights such as the park where the beautiful Herons nest to the driftwood sculptures on the beach to the sea lions at the yacht club , the wonderful Douglas fir forest to the giant 350 year old tree and then had lunch on top of a mountain with a view to die for !It was an excellent day well spent !  Great value!
Vikki D.,  Melbourne Australia - July10, 2018
This was definitely an astonishing tour. The nine stops around Greater Victoria really highlighted both the surprising and beautiful nooks and quirks. Mark is very professional when it comes to his knowledge of each of the stops, and it kept me interested with each new story. Alongside the intriguing stories and knowledge, our tour guide took pictures of our great adventures, capturing the beauty that surrounded us on the tour. I loved every second of this tour, and I certainly recommend this tour to anybody who likes to hike, enjoy nature, or who would like to see the beauty Greater Victoria holds in store.
Julia M., Grande Prairie Alberta, Canada July 5, 2018
I can't say thank you enough to Mark the tour guide for this hike! Mark taught us about the history of the forest in Victoria, gave us lots of time to soak in the view, took amazing photos, had great conversations, and made me feel right at home, even though I was 2,500 miles away from home. I went on a solo trip, and decided to sign up for this hike as I heard about it via another blogger. I brought along my own Nikon camera and as I am still learning the camera, he taught me different things to think about as I was taking "my shot". He also took great pictures of me and the other two wonderful ladies I met on this hike. It was a great experience, and I would recommend it to anyone who is headed out to Victoria. I also suggest doing whale watching through Eagle Wing Tours, as Mark gets you 20% off that activity, and it was well worth it! Thank you Mark for such a great time and view, and for the complimentary pick-up and drop-off! Cheers!
B.D.  Louisville, Kentucky USA - July 4, 2018
This has been a delight of our stay in Victoria. Mark was so charming and had such incredible knowledge of the area. We had 9 local stops almost all of which we had driven by or had seen, but his stories were interesting and informative. He took his time with us at each stop allowing my husband who had had hip replacement surgery last January and can get tired after a while. We spend a delightful five hours withMark and would highly recommend this tour.
Pat F.  Rancho Cucamongo, California USA - July 2, 2018
This was a very adventurous and scenic hike for us. Seeing the back country of Canada's finest Vancouver Island. Our guide Mark, was not only experienced but educated on terrain and plant species. He was quite a photographer and very humorous throughout our hike. We enjoyed every minute of this trip from start to finish. We just so happened to hike on Canada Day which made it even more memorable. This trip will be in our hearts forever. Thank you Mark again for a FUN TREK! We would highly recommend this hike for intermediate hikers. It does have gradual elevation change in some spots. The paved trail is well marked and only took a couple hours with many breaks, and photo ops along the way. Never did we tire or run out of water. Mark supplied delicious oat bars, water backpacks and trekking poles!  If you would like an experienced tour guide with a beautiful adventure to Gowlland Tod, this is the hike for you!
Tommy and Sara S.  Las Vegas, Nevada, USA - July 1, 2018
Mark is a great tour guide. Not only does he pick you up directly from where you're staying, he also makes sure he's packed you water, snacks, hiking poles, and even toilet paper!! He asks you plenty of questions on the way so he can accomodate any frights (e.g. heights) you might have or health issues. I took this tour on Canada Day which Mark made extra special by supplying everyone with a Canadian pin, Canadian flag and a piece of cake to celebrate Canada's birthday.  Apart from Mark's hospitality, he also has a great sense of humour, and a good deal of knowledge on the flora/fauna and the history of Victoria, which is a really nice touch while you're taking in the incredible views.  The hike is not as long or difficult as I originally thought it might be, but the opportunity to spend time at each view and take some photos is worth it.
Madeleine S.  Sydney, Australia - July 1, 2018
Thanks to Mark for a great afternoon hike, full of beautiful scenery, fantastic local knowledge and great conversation. It was great to be on a guided hike where we had plenty of opportunities to take in the scenery and learn more about the landscape.
Rebecca B.  Bristol, England - June 29, 2018
Landscape was breathtaking and Mark was an exceptional guide: funny, enthusiastic, informative and easy-going. We really enjoyed the hike and all the information Mark shared with us. It was the highlight of our stay in Victoria. If we ever come back to Victoria, we will definitely take another tour with Mark.
Annika K.  Turku, Finland - June 28, 2018
Great hike up Gowlland Tod with our friendly tour guide Mark. He made great conversation among our small group which made the time fly by and the tour easy to enjoy. Amazing photos taken and our cliff shots stayed within our comfort zone. Everything we needed was provided - water, snack, hiking poles, and backpacks. Highly recommend!
Lynn S. Toronto, Ontario, Canada - June 26, 2018
Mark, our tour guide was amazing. He is very knowledgeable, passionate, friendly and thoughtful.  The hike had incredible views of the island and the mountains. We are so glad that we booked it. Thank you Mark for making the hike so enjoyable and hiker friendly. Please don’t pass on this one, you will regret it.
Rudy B.  Vanouver, Washington - June 24, 2018
The hike through the Park was terrific. The views were awe inspiring and I enjoyed every minute of it! Mark was a great guide and made the experience very enjoyable. Highly recommend Hike Victoria!
Judy B. Ontario, Canada - June 19, 2018
We had a great time with Mark hiking in the Gowlland Tod Park. The different views were wonderful! Mark is an exceptional guide, very attentive and with a high knowledge on the history, wildlife and plants of the park! A wonderful afternoon! Thanks again Mark!
Joan G.  Lyon, France - June 19, 2018
My sister and I did the Top of Gowlland Tod Hike with Mark from Hike Victoria and it was an amazing experience. The views were breathtaking, like none we've ever experienced, seeing fjords, mountains, etc.
Mark was awesome. He was knowledgeable about the area, sharing facts about the terrain and as well some history on Victoria. We were given breaks when needed and Mike prioritized safety, making sure everyone was aware of where they were stepping. He gave us great hiking tips and reminded us to keep hydrated.
Overall we would do this hike again and we highly recommend it. You will be blown away.
Pauline D.  Toronto, Ontario - June 17, 2018
The Natural Beauty Tour was the highlight of my visit to Victoria! Tour programme was comprised of good variety of attractions, which allowed us to really get to know Victoria. As an additional bonus, we had a pleasant surprise - hiking up Mt Douglas. Mark is very professional and passionate about what he does. His intelligence and great sense of humour made our tour pure fun!
Svetlana V. Calgary Alberta - June 15, 2018
had the best day on Mark's Natural Beauty Tour! We were able to see so much! It was wonderfully interesting, informative, so much more intimate than a larger tour like the hop on hop off bus! I appreciated seeing some 'off the beaten path' sights and being away from the cruise ship crowds. My very favorite was taking Mark up on the option to hike from the base to the summit of Mount Douglas.
Bryn L.  Madison Wisconsin, USA - June 15, 2018
Mark is an fun and informative guide who took us on a wonderful hike we may have never found ourselves. Since we were visiting Victoria without a car, it was definitely a treat to be taken out of the city and shown some incredible vistas.
Ken D.  Kirkland, Washington - June 14, 2018
Was a little nervous that this was going to be a sweatfest- but it absolutely hit the sweet spot! Not too hard, not too easy. I would call it a hike, but didn't feel like I needed a day to recover. The views were a giant payoff. You walk through stunning woods but then have portals that just take your breath away. Mark, the guide has a lot of great info to share and the pictures he shares are very fun. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend to family and friends.
Andrew W. Los Angeles California, USA - June 10, 2018
Mark is awesome! He took his time to explain what we were looking at and took us to amazing viewpoints. His personality is so personable and an added bonus are his incredible photography skills. We got some of the most amazing shots! Thank you for such a fun experience. My husband and I highly recommend.
Ashley J.  Jacksonville, Florida, USA - June 9, 2018

Mark picked us up in Victoria for an afternoon hike at Gowlland Tod Provincial Park, providing water, snacks, lots of local information (flora, history), and even suggestions for sights to see the following day. We also purchased the photos he took of our family. The pace of the hike was perfect, and both kids were happy!

K.S.  Wisconsin, USA - June  7, 2018

We took several tours during our stay and our day with Mark was the best of all. He adjusted the tour to our abilities and was still able to show us all the beautiful sights of his city. He went out of his way to help us when needed and was an absolute pleasure to spend a day with!

Kathy L.  Phoenix, Arizona, USA - June 5, 2018

Picked up by Mark the guide. The hike is really great, not too difficult.  He gave loads of information about the park, it's very interesting. The views during the hike are really amazing. When you go out there on your own you def won't see the things that Mark shows you. Highly recommended.

Renee K.  Rotterdam, The Netherlands - June 4, 2018

My two teenage boys and I went out with Mark for the Gowlland Tod hike. From the start Mark was friendly, accommodating, totally professional and organized. My expectations were exceeded when Mark had everything we would need for the hike.  Mark had the right mix of talking and walking and we felt comfortably challenged. The photo spots were great fun and Mark is a great photographer. Even my son who doesn’t like to be in or take photos, was into both. The views were spectacular and I would (and have) highly recommend this trip to everyone.

Nora K.  St. Catherines, Ontario - June 4, 2018

Mark, our guide, did not skip a beat! The hike includes water, snacks and Mark's knowledgeable lay of the land and hiking tips. All of this was delivered with Mark's great sense of humour. The hike itself was not too strenuous and yet offered a good light workout. The views were breathtaking. We even had the privilege of watching a few soaring vultures in the sky. Don't forget to let Mark work hismagic with his camera. The photo memories will be a great memento for years to come!

Renee T.  Edmonton, Alberta, Canada - June 2, 2018

Mark was fantastic and really knew his way around the hike and the history of the area. We had an amazing time and would highly recommend this for anyone who loves outdoor adventure and beautiful views.

Gord P.  Alberta, Canada - June 2, 2018

The Top of Gowlland Tod Hike with Mark was definitely a highlight of our time in Victoria. It’s a wonderful way to see some stunning scenery, be active, and connect with a local who is happy to share some insight into the area. Plus if you are interested you can get some professional photos of your trip at a very reasonable price (absolutely zero pressure but well worth it in my opinion). Even with drizzly weather, the views at the top are stunning. Mark is a gem— knowledgeable, friendly and very helpful. The entire process from booking to drop off at our hotel was hassle-free. Highly recommended.

Misty W.  Jackson Tennessee, U.S.A.  June 1, 2018

I had an amazing day of two tours with Mark. We saw some breath taking views and even play a little with some seals.  In the morning, we visit places at the coast with astonish views of the mountains. We walk a little in the forest to see a huge tree and have nice and fresh air.
The tour in the afternoon to the mountain was also amazing. We have a lot of fun doing photos and I also learned a lot about the flora and fauna of the region. The views at the top is something that I will not forget.  Mark took such a good care of me and the other two people in the tour. He was extremely responsive to our needs.
This is a day that I recommend 100% to anyone and If happens that I visit Victoria again I will for sure take another tour with Mark.  Thanks Mark!

Karla H.  Germany - May 28, 2018 

Fantastic hike and guide!  We’ve just finished a hike with Mark. Felt compelled to review as it was such a fantastic afternoon. Great route, fabulous company. Mark has so much local knowledge, was well prepared and personable. We cannot rate highly enough. Thank you Mark. Jenna and Jade xx

Jenna C.  London, England - May 27, 2018

We really enjoyed our walk with Mark. The views of Gowlland Tod are amongst the best I’ve seen anywhere in the world. The hike is well paced and Mark is a friendly, knowledgeable guide. We purchased some additional photos from Mark and these will be going up on the wall at home. Both me and Emily would highly recommend this tour. It’s worth noting that the cost is a little higher than on the flyers you might find downtown but for 5 hours this is still good value for money. Go!

Jonathan T.  London, England - May 24, 2018

Together with Mark (the guide) I went up to the top of Gowlland Tod just outside Victoria. Because of an cancellation it became a private tour. From the start I felt a great connection with the guide and had an amazing time. He knew a lot of facts of the nature on the way and where the best view spots were. Because he is a professional photographer he made pictures (if I was okee with that) on the way. One picture was included in the price of the hike. In the end I bought the whole package of pictures which were amazing. So if you like a hike to an amazing view point with a friendly and interesting guide you should definitely book this trip. The time flew by and I had a great evening. A hike never to forget.

Romy D. The Netherlands - May 21, 2018

The Natural Beauty Tour was the best purchase I made in Victoria!  I am blown away by Mark's Natural Beauty tour. I can't think of a way to make the experience any more perfect. The amount of stops was the perfect combination of seeing A LOT OF PLACES yet having enough time at each stop to take in the spectacular views. The tour was a lovely way to connect with Victoria. I felt like a superstar getting private and special access to the breathtaking locations and scenery. Eat a big breakfast and TAKE THIS TOUR!!!

Jessica B.  Philedephia Pennsylvannia, USA - May 12, 2018

Beautiful spot for a fun and relax hike with a great guide. Mark was attentioned and made sure that we were comfortable and safe during at all time. Excellent communication throughout the booking process and during the hike as well. Gave us a lot of information about botanics, wildlife and history of the region. Photos taken are great. Very original couple pictures! We strongly recommend to book with Hike Victoria if you plan visiting Vancouver Island. This activity has been an highlight of our trip to Victoria.

Marie L.  Quebec City, Canada - May 7, 2018

My husband and I had one day to see the sights in Victoria so we signed up with HikeVictoria. We were not disapp    ointed and would highly recommend this tour to those who want to experience the beauty and history of Victoria. Our guide, Mark, took pictures along the way which we were able to purchase for a reasonable price. He captured the highlights of our day with his professional photography.  I have limited mobility and Mark was very helpful in accommodating me so that I could enjoy this beautiful city.

Valerie S. , Frankfort, Kentucky - May 5, 2018

Awesome Hike!  Mark was a great guide - went at our pace, lots of interesting info on the area. He provided hiking poles which were very helpful! Loved the pictures - they are amazing!!

Linda S.  Oakville Ontario, Canada - May 4, 2018

After enjoying several days sampling Victoria’s gourmet offerings as well as generous portions of gelato it was time for some exercise. We were directed to Hikevictoria.com. The hike to Gowlland Tod as described on the website seemed to be a perfect match for what we were looking for.
Mark could not have been more accommodating. He was careful in assessing our abilities to complete the “Medium difficulty” hike to the summit since, after all, we were considered seniors. Judy, our Beagle Mia and I had a great time learning about the forest unique to us. Mark is knowledgeable and genuinely loves all aspects of this area. We would highly recommend this outing; very personally rewarding.

Bob J.  Mendicino California, May 3, 2018

Mark's Natural Beauty tour was excellent in every way. He is personable and helpful and obviously knows the best of Victoria's many lovely natural attractions. My highest recommendation for 5 hours of fun, easy exercise and learning about the history and hidden secrets (most good) of this gorgeous city.

Patricia D.  Toronto, Ontario Canada - May 1, 2018

A great experience!  As a visitor to Victoria without a car who wanted to see and hike in areas farther from the downtown the Natural Beauty Tour was an excellent choice. We made several stops and Mark, who is a professional photographer, took photos of each of us as well as giving us time to take our own. We were provided with hiking poles which I found helpful on the unpaved trail sections. The views were great even thought the mountains were partially covered in clouds Mark's commentary was always interesting. I like being on a small group tour and hope to bring my daughter on one of Marks tours in the future. I love the photos Mark.

June P.  Hamilton, Ontario, Canada - May 1, 2018

On a family trip to Victoria we booked a hike with Mark which turned out to be the highlight of our entire trip! He picked us up right in front of our rented condo and as soon as we met in person we knew we were in for a great day as he was so friendly and accommodating. We spent an incredible afternoon with Mark, his knowledge of everything Victoria from history to flora and fauna was great, the hike was perfect with incredible views. Mark is also a very accomplished photographer, he took some awesome photos of us that we will treasure forever. When we done he also recommended several other things to do and see in the area which we really appreciated. Overall, it could not have been a better day or a better experience - Thank You Mark!!

Craig S.  Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada - April 27, 2018

My friend and I wanted a chance to see some of the natural beauty of the Victoria area, and Mark was a perfect choice. He picked us up at our hotel and took us to a dozen different places to hike and take photos. He was knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and very considerate about any physical limitations we might have. And he certainly knew some fantastic places to get great photographs. Highly recommended.

A.H. St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada, April 25, 2018

My husband and I booked a hiking trip with Mark as part of our honeymoon, and we both thought it was a remarkable experience. Mark did an excellent job of reviewing safety with us, and making sure we felt comfortable throughout our 6 hour hike. He explained the foliage and scenery along the way, and we saw some breathtaking views. It happened to be a spectacular day for a hike, and we were rewarded with view of the Olympic Mountain range and Mount Baker. We both felt like the hike was a very enjoyable and rewarding experience, and Mark was an excellent hiking guide.

Laura F.  Alameda, California, April  23, 2018

The best total immersion in nature "Victoriabc"  I have to said is not enough words for said to Mark thank you for the Amazing tours. both are with full green nature is really lovely. all the places has the best view to see Victoria with more detail. he knows the most beautiful places to enjoy por complete your tour. Mark have a lot knowledge about everything in general, with great stories too. he is worries most of the time for you feel safe, is very kind and friendly, and for last but not less important, the incredible pics he took of me. is more than 100% of recommend you have to make those tours. Natural Beauty and Top of Gowlland.

Wendy M.  Bogota, Columbia April 19, 2018

Fabulous morning hike - we had a great time with Mark. Mark collected us and dropped us off. Gave us great recommendations about other things to see and do. Our morning hike was excellent - beautiful views and Marks knowledge of the trees, flora and fauna and all that live there was great. Mark also takes incredible pictures which leaves you with fabulous memories. Highly recommend a trip!

Sharon R. Perth Australia April 16, 2018

Wonderful tour with Mark! He was very informative about history and his hike took us to breathtaking views and left us with unforgettable experience. My girls and I highly recommend him! Mark is also a professional photographer and the pictures he took were above and beyond our expectations. Everything is very reasonably priced and worth every penny.

Marina D.  San Francisco, California, April 2, 2018

Many thanks for a great hike and for sending on the details of other things to do on vancouver island. The pictures too are amazing. We will definitely be coming back either next easter break or in the summer of 2019, so we will contact you beforehand.

Kevin F.  London, England, April 1, 2018

Really really enjoyed this experience. Mark was so knowledgeable and an awesome photographer! Would highly recommend this trip for the incredible views!

Kam S. London England, March 28, 2018

The hike with Mark was enchanting and one of the best scenic hikes we have done. The natural beauty of<