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Salmon Run Walking Tour

Mark was an excellent guide. The hike was breathtaking - I was visiting Victoria for work and had a spare day to explore - this was a perfect choice. I highly recommend taking advantage of this opportunity if you are there.

Dawn M. Missouri USA - November 24, 2019

Top of Gowlland Tod Hiking Tour

Last week, November 21, 2019 I hiked up the Top of the Gowland Tod Hike with Mark. I am an avid hiker and have hiked across very beautiful terrain around the world but nothing so far has been as majestic and breathtaking as this hike. Mark was extremely knowledgeable, took his time with me and just showed me 7 or 8 breathtaking spots/ lookouts. I highly recommend this hike with this company, Hike Victoria to anyone visiting Victoria and really wants to appreciate its beauty. If you are not a local, I would not recommend doing this on your own.

R.K. Ottawa Ontario - November 21, 2019

Salmon Run Walking Tour

My husband and I spent a couple nights in Victoria at the end of a 10 day holiday in Vancouver BC. Mark's half day tour was definitely a highlight of our trip. He is warm, relaxed and extremely knowledgeable. He's also passionate about Vancouver Island and the natural world. Having the chance to experience a salmon run was beyond incredible. ..their spectrum of activity -swimming, spawning and eventually dying was quite humbling to witness. We also saw eagles in the wild as well as a lovely a lookout point and waterfall in the area. Being short on time this was a real treat. He limits numbers in his group making it feel personal. We thank him so much for this truly memorable experience.

Melissa M. Cork, Ireland - November 18, 2019

Salmon Run Walking Tour

I had a great time with Mark on the salmon run. He is very informative and a fun guide. This is the second time I have taken a tour with him. I did the Natural Beauty Tour with him in June and had had such a good time decided to book another tour with him. He takes pictures of you during the tour which you get one for free but I would recommend buying the package. He takes really nice photos and the cost for the package is very reasonable. Looking forward to getting to do another tour with him next year.

Alice A.  Victoria, B.C. November 18, 2019

Salmon Run Walking Tour and Trestle Hike

Mark was a phenomenal tour guide. He's knowledgeable and very accommodating. I highly recommend the Salmon Run and Railway Trestle Hike, we plan on going back to take the Top of Gowlland Tod. There are Youtube videos about the Goldstream Trestle showing what it's like to give you an idea, however it is so much better in real life! The view is breathtaking. The hanging mist made me feel like I was walking on the clouds. The falls and the salmon run were perfect. I learned a lot on the trip about salmon, eagles, and trees. My 5 year old niece Capri's favorite tree is called a Madrone(Madrona), I learned the scientific name for it is Arbutus and that's what they are called in Canada. I couldn't wait to teach Capri this when I got home and I sent her my pics and videos right away. I learned that Arbutus trees are protected in Victoria and need a permit to remove. They're culturally significant to many First Nations. The estuary with the eagles was super quiet and peaceful.
The trip was priceless, well worth what we paid. He's also a great photographer.

Collette A.  Tacoma, Washington, USA - November 16, 2019

Salmon Run Walking Tour and Trestle Hike

I've just come back from a hike with Mark. It was FANTASTIC! To start with, Mark is a really great, really interesting guy who's very easy to talk to. He's full of knowledge about the natural world and communicates it with enthusiasm and passion. He's also a great photographer (look up HikeVictoria on Instagram and you'll see what I mean!) and takes his camera along to take photos of his clients against the stunning backdrops around Victoria.

Mark's THE guy to hire if you want to explore the wildlife and landscape around Victoria. He's immensely knowledgable about the local flora and fauna and knows the best walks in the area (as well as how to avoid the crowds on a busy day).

We visited Goldstream to see the salmon run (itself an extraordinary sight), where we found the river overflowing with fish. Mark told us all about the salmons' journey and mating behaviour and explained how to tell the difference between male and female. We also saw a large number of bald eagles and Mark used his camera's zoom lens to show us the eagles close up.

We then did a hike up to an old railway bridge/trestle, for which he provided bottles of water, snacks, and hiking poles. This was a beautiful walk through the forest, where we visited Niagara Falls (the baby version!) and took some photos. On the way up the side of the mountain to the trestle, Mark explained how to effectively use the hiking poles he'd provided and always checked to make sure that I was happy and safe (important because I wasn't wearing great shoes for hiking). When we got to the trestle, we walked all the way across and Mark took some great photos. It was really spectacular!

In short - spectacular walk, great photos, and a real education about local wildlife and landscapes. Mark/HikeVictoria is highly, highly recommended!

Sam S. London, England - November 13, 2019

Salmon Run Walking Tour and Trestle Hike

This tour is a must-do if you are in town while the salmon run is in season - an incredibly unique experience. Our tour guide (Mark) did a great job ensuring everyone was safe and comfortable. I am not an experienced hiker but with Mark's guidance was able to get all the way to the top of the trestle and back down the steep inclines. He was kind enough to take great photos and patient as we got the perfect shots. He also picked up everyone in the group right from their hotels which made the day very easy and accessible. Overall - highly recommend!

Tamara - Toronto, Ontario, Canada - November 2, 2019

Salmon Run Walking Tour and Trestle Hike

What an amazing experience... we did the Salmon run tour & the railway trestle hike with Mark and we had a wonderful time.
It was our first time on the Salmon run and we never have seen nothing like it. Mark is an excelent host and he gave us a lot of information about this unique event.
Then, we had the Railway trestle hike wich was fantastic (despite i'm not confortable with heights).
We definitely recommend Hike Victoria and we would like to thank Mark for making this a fine experience.

Luis and Paula A.  Lagos, Portugal November 3, 2019

Salmon Run Walking Tour and Trestle Hike

I had an incredible time doing the Salmon Run Tour and Railway Trestle Hike! The guide (Mark) was incredibly knowledgeable and considerate of the needs and experience levels of the entire group. I also really enjoyed being part of a group, rather than doing this hike on my own, as I got to meet 6 very interesting people (there were 7 of us in total + guide) -- it made the hike more fun; learning about what had brought all of us to Victoria! The Salmon Run tour was such a unique experience: I've never seen anything like it before! The Trestle Hike was not too difficult and had a great view at the top that made the whole thing more than worth it! Overall, would highly recommend for solo travellers, families, young adults, anyone who not only wants to see Victoria and the surrounding area but also wants to learn about it!

Olga O.  Victoria, B.C. November 2, 2019

Salmon Run Walking Tour and Trestle Hike

If you are looking to get out of Victoria and see some of the beauty of the island, this is a wonderful trip. Late October and November is the time to see the salmon run and shouldn't be missed if you are in the area. We saw eagles and salmon on the run. The scenery was spectacular and Mark was a great guide. He goes out of his way to make sure you are safe and enjoying the trip. I would recommend this hike. It involves a bit of climbing but overall it is an easy walk.

Karen, Port Hope, Ontario, Canada - October 19, 2019

Top of Gowlland Tod Hiking Tour

Our first time in Victoria and we wanted a good hiking experience. The Gowlland Tod hike and our guide Mark was everything we could have asked for. This guy is a lot of fun, very knowledgeable and set just the right pace for us. He has done this hike hundreds of times and yet you can tell he is still in awe of the beauty of this place. He took some great photographs of us which will serve as a wonderful memory of the trip.The price for the photos was very reasonable and he was not pushy at all. Plus he was more than happy to take pictures with our camera. We highly recommend Mark and this hike.

Gil G.  Texas, USA - September 29, 2019

Top of Gowlland Tod Hiking Tour

I don't normally enlist a guide for hikes when exploring new places, but with Mark as our leader, our hikes in Gowlland Tod and to the railroad trestle were the highlights of our trip to Victoria. There were stunning views of the water across the entire ridge of Gowlland Tod and at the secret waterfall ("Niagara Falls") under the trestle. In addition to local tidbits about area history, wildlife and foliage, Mark provided us with what are probably the best "couple in the outdoors" photos we'll ever have. The hikes were invigorating and educational ... we left with a soaring feeling that lasted for days.

Shauna F.  Denver, Colorado, USA - September 15, 2019

Natural Beauty Walking Tour and Top of Gowlland Tod Hiking Tour

This past August we visited Victoria B.C. and along with the usual very enjoyable attractions we booked 2 excursions with Hike Victoria. Both were excellent and both were facilitated by Mark Vukobrat. Mark is a photographer and an experienced hiker who loves to share his enthusiasm and knowledge of the Victoria area. He is a long time resident and so is able to share many first hand insights and anecdotes. The guided tours were perfect; the small group interaction, attention to pace and comfort levels, the vistas and simply good fun. These two excursions certainly filled out our experience and enjoyment of this wonderful and welcoming city.

Getaway - Ottawa, Ontario, Canada - August 20, 2019

Natural Beauty Walking Tour

Early in September we spent the most amazing day with Mark as our guide. We were part of a group of four that he introduced to beautiful coastal areas, then topped it all off with a walk into an amazing forest of native Douglas Fir trees, such a beautiful
tranquil place. This is a not to be missed experience with a knowledgeable guide.It was a wonderful introduction to the Victoria area.

N.H.  Tennessee, USA - September 10, 2019

Top of Gowlland Tod Hiking Tour

This was a fantastic trip, lovely views and a very knowledgeable guide. Amazing photography as well.

Abbie K., Australia - October 3, 2019

Top of Gowlland Tod Hiking Tour

Mark makes the whole process very easy. He picked us up, took us there, guided us up/down and returned us to our hotel, brilliant. The walk was very good, if sometimes too many stops on the way up for my wife and I, but the scenery was just beautiful.
The walking was not too strenuous for us as we walk a lot in the UK.
We learnt a lot from Mark too, he has lot's to teach you. Plus he's a good photographer, a bonus for me as it is one of my hobbies.
Highly recommended trip.

Trip825336, England - October 3, 2019

Top of Gowlland Tod Hiking Tour

If you are visiting Victoria and want to experience nature and it's surrounds this tour is a must! I wanted an activity that gave me the opportunity to enjoy my interests plus give me a chance to see something different during my visit. From beginning when I first contacted Mark to the end of our tour, Mark was always professional and thorough in the service he provides. Mark is a passionate Victorian who has hiked Gowlland Tod over 800+ times!! He provided transportation along with water, snacks and backpacks so we felt well prepared. He also provided and taught us how to use Hiking Poles, something that our group all appreciated and made for a much more enjoyable experience. One thing to keep in mind is Mark is a professional photographer and will combine this passion with nature to give you the opportunity for incredible photo memories. Mark's knowledge of the Gowlland Tod Provincial Park is vast and he uses this to ensure his guests have the right amount of time at each stop along the hike. This truly was an experience to remember and I am so glad I found this tour. THANKS MARK!!!

Alicia P.  Melbourne, Australia - October 3, 2019

Top of Victoria Walking and Hiking Tour

My wife and I were in Victoria for a weekend getaway. We were hoping for a bit of outdoor activity that did not take the full day but allowed us to explore some of the amazing Victoria natural B.C. We reached out to Hike Victoria and our guide Mark was super easy to work with to custimze a 3 hour hiking tour of near by Mount Douglas. He was super friendly and super knowledgable of the park. He was able to capture some great photographs of my wife and I along the way. He even went so far to help us secure lunch at a hidden fish and chips place before dropping us off at a park at the end of our tour that had amazing views of the Straight of Juan de Feuca near our hotel in Oak Bay. Highly recommend booking Hike Victoria services if you are looking to get outdoors and into nature during your stay in beautiful Victoria, B.C.

Tverhasslet, Seattle Washington, USA - September 18, 2019

Top of Gowlland Tod Hiking Tour

If you are visiting Victoria you really should do this hike with Mark!!!
My wife and I went on the the Gowlland Tod Provincial Park hike and so worth the effort. Our tour guide Mark, made our hike so enjoyable with the time and effort he put in to ensuring the pace as right, our safety throughout and also informing us all the way about the area, flora and fauna. Mark was very knowledgeable, personable and just an all round very nice guy. He picked us up at our hotel bang on time, provided water, snacks and hiking poles (very useful). One of the highlights apart from the wonderful vistas is that Mark is also a photographer and was able to capture some lovely photos of us that we were able to download later at a very reasonable price. After a really enjoyable afternoon, Mark asked us what our plans for food were, made a recommendation and after phoning ahead dropped us there !! What a fantastic end to a great afternoon. You certainly won't regret making this tour a part of your trip to Victoria. We will certainly never forget it! THANKS AGAIN MARK!!!

Martin M. Bangor England - September 17, 2019

Top of Gowlland Tod Hiking Tour

If you are visiting Victoria this tour is a must! My sister and I booked the Gowlland Tod hike and boy was it worth it. From beginning to end our tour guide Mark made our hike so enjoyable. Since Mark has lived in Victoria for 25 years and hiked Gowlland Tod 900 times (yes 900!) His knowledge of the land and area is vast. He provided transportation as well as water, snacks and backpacks so we felt well prepared. Maybe one of the best parts was that Mark is also a professional photographer and was able to capture so many memorable photos of us that we were able to purchase at a very reasonable price (trust me, you will want pictures with the gorgeous views).This truly was an experience to remember and you can really appreciate Mark's passion for what he does.You wont regret making this tour apart of your next trip to Victoria. We will certainly never forget it! THANKS MARK!!!

Sdougherty1, USA - September 26, 2019

Natural Beauty Walking Tour

We greatly enjoyed our tour with Mark while visiting Victoria for the first time. His knowledge of the city as well as of the local flora and fauna were impressive! And he is a professional photographer to boot so he knew of all the great places to stop. The tour was like being shown the city by a friend. Highly recommended!

Sunshine485511 - USA - September 21, 2019

Top of Gowlland Tod Hiking Tour

Mark at Hike Victoria was organized and professional. He created a safe opportunity for me to stretch myself—body, mind, and soul on this hike! I had an exceptional day and plan to hike with him again soon.

CanadianEcoTourist, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada - August 25, 2019

Natural Beauty Walking Tour

My spouse and I were looking for a tour around Victoria and we found this one. It was the best decision we have ever made! Mark is very friendly, very knowledgeable about the surroundings and history of Victoria, and he took us to magnificent places: hidden gems in parks and beaches, and hills with amazing views. It was not sunny, but it cleared up at lunch time, when we went to the top of a hill and had a delicious lunch with an incredible view of the bay. The other people in the tour were also great and friendly. I believe that Mark designed this tour to show not only his passion by photography but also how wonderful his home is. I totally recommend this tour. It is easy and it ends right at 3 pm, which gives you some extra time to enjoy other attractions in the city. Thanks, Mark, for the wonderful tour!

Pedro S.  Vancouver, B.C. Canada - September 14, 2019

Natural Beauty Walking Tour

Our Guide Mark , was excellent on his knowledge of the area as well as photography. Sharing a love for photography added a lot to this walking tour. While the weather was not perfect, Mark inspired with stories of Victoria. Took us to many places around the island. Had a great lunch atop a high prominence overlooking the bay. I highly recommend this tour.

David D., Denver Colorado, USA - September 14, 2019

Top of Gowlland Tod Hiking Tour

Amazing hike! Mark was so knowledgeable of the places we went , he was awesome! Pics he took were great, even tho it rained, still was a incredible hike and view. I would strongly recommend this hike for anyone coming to Victoria!

Whalesearcher, Michigan, USA - September 12, 2019

Natural Beauty Walking Tour

I was looking for a tour of the sights around Victoria which went off the beaten path and Mark provided that. We saw some very interesting sights and Mark added to the experience by providing interesting and relevant commentary. Mark also took care of key details like ensuring that we had regular bathroom breaks. Definitely something that I am glad I did.

PCA - Singapore - September 14, 2019

Top of Gowlland Tod Hiking Tour

Hiking with Mark was, without question, the best part of my Victoria vacation experience. Not only will you access trails that provide magnificent views of regional vistas, but you do so with someone who is intelligent, experienced and fun. Mark brings an exquisite photographic eye and attention to environmental detail that is unsurpassed. I recommend Hike Victoria highly!

Extraordinary720645, Denver Colorado, USA - September 8, 2019

Natural Beauty Walking Tour

Our guide, Mark Vukobrat, greeted us and picked us up at our hotel on time. His van was clean and comfortable. Mark was polite and demonstrated genuine concern for the well-being and entertainment of our small tour group.

The driving and walking tour began with passing through Old Town, the harbor area, past the B.C. Legislative Assembly building, Empress Hotel, and on to the many beautiful city parks, such as Beacon Hill Park with its lovely flowers and ponds, and local communities. Among the most memorable included Ogden Point and Mt. Douglas Park. Our first walk was a nicely paced stroll atop the Breakwater at Ogden Point; then a panoramic drive on Beach Drive and stopping at places like Harling Point and its red and blue wooden chairs.

We took a couple of wonderful hikes in Mt. Douglas park that included beautiful vistas of the surrounding area as well as walking in the forest of Douglas Firs. The tour included stopping for a lunch of ‘fish and chips’ which we ate at a secluded and beautiful bluff overlooking the Strait of Juan de Fuca and San Juan Island.

Overall, it was a wonderful day. We strongly recommend Mark’s tour. He is extremely knowledgeable, personable and patient with those of us who might need to walk at a slower pace on the hilly areas. We spent 5 days in Victoria and each day was wonderful, but Mark’s tour was our favorite day. Thank you Mark for a memorable day !!

PrJ, USA - September 12, 2019

Natural Beauty Walking Tour

Mark provides a stunning view of the picturesque area surrounding Victoria. His ‘Hidden Gems’ proved to be some of the loveliest places we have visited. His personal touch of history and easy going personality added much interest to the tour. My husband and Mark share a love of photography so captured some great moments through the lens. Take the trip, you won’t be disappointed!

Keith B., Dallas Texas, USA - September 8, 2019

Natural Beauty Walking Tour

We went on the Natural Beauty tour with Mark, which we thoroughly enjoyed! He took us around lots of amazing viewpoints and outdoor beauties near Victoria, explaining lots of the background as we went. He also took some amazing pictures of us as we went, which we will be sure to keep! Would definitely recommend to any couples who are looking to explore the wider Victoria area on a fun and relaxing tour!

Ginny R. USA - Septermber 4, 2019

Natural Beauty Walking Tour

Our host Mark picked us up at our accommodation in the inner harbour and showed us some lovely spots around Victoria.

We drove to to a number of locations where we then walked to get the best views and take photos. We travelled to Ogden Point, around the coast, to a number of parks, the Douglas fir forest and finally the lookout above the park.The forest is a real hidden gem!

We had Mark to ourselves so we felt quite privileged and he was a mine of information. He was extremely professional, drove very well and gave us a very good overview of the natural beauty of the city. We also saw some wildlife including small deer on the front lawn of a house. Would recommend Mark if in Victoria again.

Dig3, Toronto, Australia - September 3, 2019

Natural Beauty Walking Tour

We enjoyed an excellent morning with Mark visiting some of the beauty spots of Victoria. Mark was very knowledgeable on the area and it was a pleasure to do the tour and experience some of the beautiful areas away from the centre of Victoria. As we were the only ones on the tour, Mark included a hike of Mount Douglas with it's stunning views from the top. Thanks for a very enjoyable experience !

Phil J.  Wales, UK - August 18, 2019

Top of Gowlland Tod Hiking Tour

I give this experience 5+ stars. Absolutely first rate. The view is just fantastic - beautiful vistas all along the way to the top of Gowlland Tod, and Mark is an excellent guide and very attentive to the individual needs of the hiking group. This hike is a definite must if you’re visiting Victoria. I will definitely take more hiking tours with Mark from HikeVictoria.

Jodi S.  USA - August 31, 2019

Top of Gowlland Tod Hiking Tour

Mark made our hiking experience so much better. We had a great group and Mark made sure we had time to appreciate the views. I would highly recommend going on this hike! Not too challenging, just enjoyable. Thanks for a great time!

Sierra K., Saskatchewan Canada - August 26, 2019

Top of Gowlland Tod Hiking Tour

The absolute best part of our short time in Victoria!!! Mark is hands down the perfect tour guide, and a great experience being part of his photography.

Hungryhippo22, Blenheim, Ontario, Canada - August 25, 2019

Top of  Gowlland Tod Hiking Tour

I can only agree with some of the other reviews already written here that this tour is definitely well worth it and one of the many highlights of my trip on Vancouver Island.

Not only did Mark show us one of the most beautiful trails in the greater area of Victoria with several spectacular views, he did it in such an empatic and absorbing way I could not help feeling myself priviliged to be in his company. For me this was so much more than just a hike in nature: it was an interesting, fun and engaging experience that I will gladly recommend to anyone who is looking for that little extra more. The fact that you get the chance to obtain some professional photographs along the way is yet another added bonus.

Kris V.,  Netherlands - August 18, 2019

Top of Gowlland Tod Hiking Tour

During our holiday we visited Vancouver, Seattle and a ranch in Montana. On our return we all agreed (two parents and one 17 year old) that our hike with Mike was one of the holidays highlights and each said independently it was one of the things we all enjoyed the most. The views are stunning and Mike was a great guide. The photographs he took were a wonderful bonus that we did not think too much about at the time but they really are amazing and a wonderful keepsake. I cannot recommend this hike highly enough.

Annebelles11, United Kingdom, August 7, 2019

Natural Beauty Walking Tour

Mark is a fabulous host and a wonderful ambassador for Victoria and all its splendor!
We highly recommend his tour. His warmth and welcoming disposition makes you feel like you have known him for years. This is a must do while in Victoria. Than You, Mark

Ann Marie D. , San Antonio, Texas, USA - August 14, 2019

Top of Gowlland Tod Hiking Tour

Our family of 4 walked up to the top of Gowlland Tod with Mark on the final day of our 3 week holiday in Canada. During our stay we saw many beautiful sights and had lots of highlights and I have to say the afternoon with Mark and the 3 other hikers was one of them.
The views are wonderful, the photographs were a bonus but overall it was Mark's company we all enjoyed. He is a genuine, interesting and interested guy who it was a pleasure to get to spend time with. I hope we have another opportunity to hike with him and I would have no hesitation in recommending any of his hikes to anyone. Thank you Mark

Sue B.  United Kingdom - August 10, 2019

Top of Gowlland Tod Hiking Tour

I totally recommend a tour with Hike Victoria! Mark is such an amazing guide and person and will guide you through the most scenographic and panoramic trails of the Gowlland Tod Provincial Park. An experience not to miss if you are looking for breathtaking views over the fjord and if you want to learn more about the local flora and fauna. While hiking, it was very fun to listen to very interesting and nice stories about botany, history and wild animals behaviors. Mark is a great photographer too, so I would highly recommend this tour if you are looking for great photo ops and portraits/shots in the nature!

Emy K.  USA, August 13, 2019

Natural Beauty Walking Tour with Top of Victoria Hiking Tour

This was truly a wonderful day with Mark. He is a master hike and tour leader, a knowledgeable guide, helpful photographer and a pleasure to be with.
Our day tour was tailored to what we wanted - per title above. We learned a lot, saw everything we wanted to, and had lots of fun. Highly recommended. Thank you Mark and we will see you again next time we are in Victoria.

BobW.  Toronto, Ontario, Canada - August 17, 2019

Natural Beauty Walking Tour

This is a must do!! This was our favorite day in Victoria Each location we saw made us speechless Thank you for sharing your love of nature with us!!

Jllnagge,  South Carolina, USA - August 11, 2019

Top of Gowlland Tod Hiking Tour

This trip was recommended by the Victoria Tourist Information.
It was an ideal trail for non-experienced hikers. Along the path Mark knew a lot of deviations and had a lot of suggestions.
The walk is in a slow tempo (7km in 4-5 hours) with many stops. The stops include information briefings, a break with a snack and six viewpoints with very nice views and Mark takes pictures along the way.
Mark was very kind, he even picked us up from our accommodation and dropped us off in Victoria Downtown when we asked him to do so.
All in all it was an enjoyable experience with a friendly guide!

Ivorvdh, Nieuwegein, The Netherlands - August 13, 2019

Top of Gowlland Tod Hiking Tour

Our family changed our choice of tour minutes before we were about to set out--we switched from Natural Beauty to Top of Gowlland Tod after seeing the great photos in Mark's binder. He seamlessly adapted to our new choice and led us on an educational and fun trip to the top of Gowlland Tod.
If you have kids/teenagers who are on Instagram, this is an absolute must-do, because you will get some photos that will make them the envy of all their friends. And if you're someone who doesn't care about social media, Mark is also more than happy to put the camera away and just show you some of the most beautiful parts of Victoria.

Jody D.  Cary, North Carolina, USA -  August 9, 2019

Top of Gowlland Tod Hiking Tour

As wonderful as our Alaskan cruise was, the highlight of our trip was with Mark and our Top of Gowland Tod Hike in Victoria! Having a knowledgeable guide and photographer was such a bonus to the amazing views! Having Mark lead the way is a must!!! He got to know my wife and I and our 2 teenage boys and we truly enjoyed a magical day with him taking in amazing views and learning about Victoria and the beautiful area we were experiencing. The pictures are amazing and we have enjoyed sharing them with all of our family and friends. From pickup at cruise port, the hike, and a great lunch, everything was flawless! Mark and this experience has our family's highest recommendation!!!

Mike C.  Michigan, USA - August 1, 2019

Top of Gowlland Tod Hiking Tour

I took this tour in mid-July, since it was highly recommended to me by another guest at the hostel where I was staying. Mark (the guide and photographer) is so friendly and such a kind host. He picked me up and dropped me off at my hostel, kept me and the other couple who were on the tour entertained and well-informed with his charming and witty conversation, and took every care for our safety from start to finish. The views got more and more breathtaking of the fjord we were above and the arbutus trees were gorgeous. Mark is also a professional photographer and the pics he took of us turned out so well that we all decided to buy them! Even though I had hoped to do a hike in a forest with older-growth trees and/or a hike that came closer to the coastal shores, I was not disappointed by this adventure. It challenged me physically and personally, and I will not forget its beauty or the kindness of its host.

Suzanne B.  Burlington, Ontario, Canada - July 27, 2019

Top of Gowlland Tod Hiking Tour

For novice hikers this is the opportunity to challenge yourself and learn how to hike safely. Mark taught us techniques and strategies to make our hike successful. He looked out for us, encouraged us and taught us proper form. The views were amazing and breathtaking.

Maryann L.  Pensacola, Florida, USA - July 21, 2019

Top of Gowlland Tod Hiking Tour

This was a fabulous small group experience to an 'off the toursist trail' destination. The tour operator and guide Mark was an extremely knowledgeable local. He spoke of the glaciation and geological history and plants and animals stopping at relevant locations for explanations as we hiked. Mark carefully guaged the experience and fitness levels of the 5 particpants and adapted the hike accordingly. Our group was super enthusiastic and Mark very kindly included an additional hike at another location. My husband and I were only on the Island for 3 days and this experience gave us a wonderful opportunity to see and learn so much more about the island. Mark's photographic skills were an additional benefit and provided some beautiful memories. Absolutely loved the hike. Thanks Mark.

Mandy M. Sunshine Coast, Australia - July 23, 2019

Top of Gowlland Tod Hiking Tour

I would highly recommend this hike to anyone visiting the Victoria area. The scenery was spectacular, the hike was moderately challenging for our family but completely enjoyable. Mark made the hike enjoyable and interesting by providing facts about flora and terrain throughout the hike. Mark was personable and entertaining, was careful to help us with guidance and techniques that helped to make the hike go smoothly. This hike was one of the highlights of our family's trip to the Victoria area. Highly Recommend.

R.S.  Chicago, Illinois, USA - July 15, 2019

Top of Gowlland Tod Hiking Tour

My wife and I went with Mark on the "Top of Gowllland Tod Hike in Victoria”. Mark was open, friendly, easy to relate to, and an experienced hiker who is a great teacher. He is also an experienced photographer and he photographed key parts of our hike. The photography merges with the hike in a completely subtle non-intrusive manner - and Mark makes it fun! After hiking through the forest for approximately an hour the we saw the fjord far below us! The view was stunning. I’ve hiked all over the U.S. and many areas abroad and this hike and its views rank up there! The hike moves along high above the fjord and each view surpasses the last! Throughout the hike, Mark provides forest lore, tips on hiking, and interesting bits of Victoria’s history. We highly recommend purchasing the photography package - the photos place you in spectacular settings and my wife and I loved them. Especially the photos that make you appear as if you are flying off of a cliff (it’s completely safe)!

Shannon L.  Denver, Colorado, USA - July 17, 2019

Top of Gowlland Tod Hiking Tour

Had such an brilliant time on this hike with Mark this week. He is very friendly, knowledgeable and an all round great guide. He really goes above and beyond to ensure you have the best time! The views on the hike are absolutely beautiful and Mark takes some great photos while you are out. After this I just wanted to go on more and more hikes and Mark even emailed me with recommendations and maps for another hike in Victoria! Nothing bad to say and would recommend this experience to anyone.

H.B.  Cambridge, England - July 12, 2019

Top of Gowlland Tod Hiking Tour

Without a doubt, I would book this trip again and again! We went hiking with Mark our first day in Victoria, and after it was done, we knew it was going to be the highlight of our trip (which it was.) The views are remarkable and pictures won't even be able to capture the beauty you see. We went in July, busy tourist time, and we only saw 4 other people during the entire hike. Mark is so knowledgeable and can answer any questions you have about the surroundings on the hike. He tells you interesting information, but doesn't overload you and keeps it light and fun. Mark went above and beyond to make sure that our stay in Victoria was the best it could be, even beyond the hike, giving us restaurant recommendations (where we had the best meal of our lives!), places to bike to, and even showing us where to go on a map. All of the 5 star reviews are accurate and it deserves the #1 outdoor activity in Victoria!

J.K.  Wisconsin, USA - July 10, 2019

Top of Gowlland Tod Hiking Tour

I woke up on the day of my hike with Mark a little hungover, feeling a little hungry and tired - and by the end of the day I was a new man! I really had a wonderful time. Mark picked up each of us from our respective hotels, introduced all of us and we had a fun ride up to the trailhead chatting and sharing itineraries.

We had pretty crazy weather - one minute sunny, the next completely covered in fog, then a bit of rain, and back to sun again. But we pushed on optimistically with the experienced guidance of Mark and in the end, got some spectacular views of the region including the Strait of Juan de Fuca and Victoria in the distance. We all took part in the famous 'jump shot' from the website. We went off to different, unplanned parts too which were exceptionally cool, and when Mark realised we were all taking the walk okay he pushed up the pace a little (with our consent!) to get more good views in before the day's end.

If you're wondering, "do I really need a guide to go on a hike in Canada?" then the answer is, "no" - however, I'm glad that I did. Consider this:

• Mark has a car and he'll take you there
• Mark knows all the trails like the back of his hand and can take you on detours if you encounter bad weather or fancy something a bit different
• Mark knows all the good places to take cool photos to show off to your friends at home!
• He provides you with a delicious snack and loads of water for your journey, and a backpack if yours is not sufficiently supportive (this was really useful)
• He provides hiking poles. As a fit and healthy 31-year-old, I can say they actually do help quite a lot.
• Most importantly, you get the wonderful company of Mark, who will regale you with stories from his trips, and show real interest in yours - PLUS whomever you may be lucky enough to have on your group. Mark pointed out that if you put a bunch of nature-loving strangers together on a hike in the woods, there's a good chance they will get on well.

So yeah, maybe you do want a guide for your hike :)

Oh and if you're worried about encountering predatory animals, I can pretty much guarantee you this: you won't. They really keep away from human areas. However you will probably see a few deer and maybe some bald eagles and vultures, which really are a treat.

You probably won't encounter many humans either, by the way. Despite the trails being fairly well-trodden, it probably only gets a few dozen people going up and down on any given weekday.

All in all, I can't recommend this enough. Even if you were gonna go hiking anyway, consider going with Mark, especially if you're a solo traveler.

Daniel H.  London, England - July 8, 2019

Top of Gowlland Tod Hiking Tour

Mark is the friendliest, most knowledgeable guide. Before getting started, he made sure we knew how to use the trekking poles that were provided since we had never used them, and offered other tips along the way for safe hiking. We were glad to have his expertise for some of the more challenging spots. Along the trail, Mark pointed out trees, plant life, and history of the area. I could've left my camera behind. Mark is a pro and took the most amazing pictures of my husband and me. In a couple of especially scenic spots, he gave us plenty of time to sit and take in all of the beauty overlooking a deep fjord, then returned, taking photos of us from a distance, and some fun shots too! When I told him I loved to photograph as well, he later emailed to me 2 of his favorite books. Since we were at the beginning of our week in Victoria, he also sent us suggestions on other beautiful places to visit while there. This was one of the highlights of our time on Vancouver Island. If we get the chance to return to the area, I'll definitely book another one of Mark's hikes. Highly recommended!

Vacation 290759, USA - July 6, 2019

Natural Beauty Walking Tour

What a wonderful tour! Absolutely my favorite part of my trip to Victoria! Mark is a wonderful tour guide. I went with a friend and intend to go back with my husband. We will definitely take a tour with Mark! In a few hours we saw some incredibly beautiful sights around the Victoria area. And lots of beautiful birds which are my passion. We saw several eagles, a great blue heron rookery and much more! Mark really geared the trip to meet the needs of his guests. He is also a great photographer. We got some great pictures from our trip! I highly recommend this tour!

Cyndi, Houston, Texas, USA - July 5, 2019

Top of Gowlland Tod Hiking Tour - 32nd Anniversary Trip Hike was Spectacular!

Mark was a wonderful guide for an excellent tour. We throughouly enjoyed our hike in Golland Tod Provincial park and were wowed at the amazing views along the way. Mark,s knowledge of the area, history and natural beauty coupled with his easy going personality, professionalism, and ability to make you feel at ease and comfortable made this the perfect ending to our wonderful stay in Victoria, B.C. We would highly recommend this for anyone looking for a unique outdoor acitvity.

Lori J.  USA - July 4, 2019

Natural Beauty Walking Tour

Mark was great to work with from the time I made the reservation to the end of the tour and follow up. We learned alot of local history, as well as went to local sites that are not overflowing with tourists so we could appreciate the beauty of the area. We were never in a rush and he was very attentive to each guest on the tour. The granola bar was awesome too! Highly recommend if you want to see some of the local natural spots with some great views too. Highly recommend.

Robbyn, Cypress, Texas, USA - July 5, 2019

Natural Beauty Walking Tour

What a great day! Mark was so helpful and accommodating, and so knowledgeable! He was such pleasant company and the sights were beautiful and so interesting when Mark tells you the history and background. We felt like we gained an insight into Victoria that not all visitors get. We highly recommend doing this tour!

GoEuropeatlast - Canberra, Australia - June 30, 2019

Natural Beauty Walking Tour - Best Tour Ever!

This tour is the best tour I have ever experienced! Mark is amazing, a book of knowledge. He catered to all our needs. We were taken to beautiful spots on Victoria Island known by the locals, spectacular views. The best one of all was eating dinner on top of Mt. Baker, breath taking This is a tour you must do while visiting in Victoria! Another reason why you must take this tour with Mark is he’s a photographer and was able to take amazing pictures of my daughter and I at these beautiful locations instead of taking selfies from my cell phone. Don’t miss this tour in Victoria!

Explore702332 - USA, June 27, 2019

Natural Beauty Walking Tour - A wonderful Tour, customized to fit our schedule

Mark adjusted his schedule and picked us up as we got off the ferry from Port Angeles. We went to many wonderful places that really showed "Natural" Victoria off. We were back in plenty of time for a late lunch and a pleasant walk thru the city before the ferry took us back. Don't miss this one!!!

macFred123, Chicago, Illinois, USA - June 17, 2019

Top of Gowlland Tod Hiking Tour

This hike was fun, informative, beautiful and easy.
It was our first time in Victoria and for beginners hikers I could not have dreamt anything better. Mark pays attention to each and every one in his group, he is a passionate person, and he takes great pictures . So you have a nice souvenirs along the way.
The hike is so beautiful, even in weather that is not great. This is TOP.

Simon472, Lisbon, Portugal - June 17, 2019

Natural Beauty Walking Tour - A great day of discovery

Mark took us on a fascinating tour of Victoria and the surrounding area taking us to locations we would have never found on our own. The coastline and views are quite stunning in this part of the world and the Natural Beauty Tour is a great way to see it!

106clarem, Newbury, United Kingdom - June 12, 2019

Natural Beauty Walking Tour

My husbsnd and I had an amazing time on the Natural Beauty and walk tour. Our guide, Mark buought us to beautiful parks, beaches and little known natural vistas. We had a lot of fun watching wild life. We even spotted a rare pair of eagles. We loved being on this small group tour. We had plenty of time to enjoy the natural beauty of Victoria and were treated like royalty.

Kathleen S., USA - June 11, 2019

Top of Gowlland Tod Hiking Tour

I had an incredible time on this hike earlier this week! The route is amazing with awesome views and lots of interesting wildlife. It is also very secluded and peaceful - we saw only a handful of other people the entire time. Mark is a great guide, very professional and knows his stuff - but also very fun and entertaining! As a young female solo traveller I’m always cautious to find trustworthy guides for hikes, but I would recommend Mark and this tour without hesitation. The photos are a huge added bonus - Mark is a great photographer and knew all the best viewpoints! Thanks again Mark for an absolutely amazing day.

Tamsinvs USA - June 8, 2019

The Natural Beauty Walking Tour - Unforgettable Victoria Tour

The Natural Beauty Walking tour was the highlight of our family’s short trip to Victoria because it allowed us to visit so many unique locations that are not typically visited by tour groups. Mark took us to Victoria’s beautiful shoreline, a park with roaming peacocks and nesting herons, eagles and vultures. We also went for a short walk through a residential neighborhood and took a path between two houses that transitioned into a vast and beautiful forest area. We ended up atop a hill with a 360 degree view of the city. While the beauty of each location stands on its own it is Mark’s narrative and his historical knowledge that makes it very “edu-taining”. If you’re looking for a unique travel experience in a small group setting, I would highly recommend taking a tour with Mark. He goes above and beyond to make your tour of Victoria enjoyable. I look forward to returning to Victoria and taking another Hike Victoria tour and going to the “best” fish and chips restaurant in Victoria (closed on Sundays)!

Ed M.  Squeim, Washington, USA - June 6, 2019

Top of Gowlland Tod Hiking Tour - Fun, engaging hike, beautiful views

Mark was an excellent and very knowledgeable guide. Very fun and engaging, dropping little tidbits of the local fauna and scenery along the way.

Susan M.  USA - June 6, 2019

Top of Gowlland Tod Hiking Tour - Awesome photo hike!

We can’t say enough about this hike and Mark as a guide! We were lucky enough to get a last minute reservation. He picked us up right at our hotel and brought us to the most beautiful place. He allowed plenty of time to take pictures along the way which was great because my husband likes to take pictures of everything! He gave a lot of pointers along the way of how to take the best pictures. My husband loves photography and really enjoyed talking to him and learning from him. Mark also took the best pictures of us that he gave to us afterwards. The views were amazing and it was at golden hour in the late afternoon/early evening which made it even better. We had a small group and the whole group was a lot of fun. He even gave us a fabulous dinner recommendation for afterwards and called and booked a reservation for us! The food was fabulous. If you go to Victoria you need to book with Mark! It was the best part of our trip!

Kristin C.  Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA - June 6, 2019

Top of Gowlland Tod Hiking Tour

First of all, Thanks to Mark for taking me. It was such a nice afternoon with an amazing view. We stoped several times to enjoy the view from different points. Mark is a great guy to talk with, even when I’m just 25 ;)
I liked it and would recommend to everyone who likes an easy hike with an amazing view.

Franzi S.  Germany - June 3, 2019

Natural Beauty Walking Tour - Highlight of our Trip

Amazing, personalized hiking tour of Victoria. Mark is a local photographer who knows Victoria inside and out, and has a real eye for beautiful locations with unique views. We saw spots we would have never found on our own and had a wonderful morning exploring, hiking and enjoying the spectacular scenery. Mark is a lovely person - he took great care with my husband who was having problems with his knee, and Mark went out of his way to make our time memorable - starting with a sunrise of Victoria we will never forget. Highly recommend!

Anita Z.  Seattle Washington, USA - May 30, 2019

Top of Gowlland Tod Hiking Tour - Stunning introduction to Vancouver Island due to outstanding guiding by Mark

Mark's attention to detail and knowledge of Top of Gowlland Tod made for a really enjoyable walk for my wife and I. His easy-going and highly professional manner helped the whole group over more rugged sections of the track so we could get to a number of special places showcasing the park. We are so pleased we chose to hike with Mark to unwind from our long haul flight from Australia.

PeterES3114 - Melbourne Australia - May 28, 2019

Natural Beauty Walking Tour - Best Intro to Victoria

What a great way to discover the beautiful city of Victoria. Mark showed just us two and another couple many of the beautiful spots around while giving us the time to enjoy each spot along with a great commentary. It was just the best way to enjoy a new city.
Highly recommended

Margaret M., USA - May 28, 2019

Top of Gowlland Tod Hiking Tour

Mark Vukobrat led a moderate, very enjoyable, and highly educational hike (about 4 miles in about 4 hours) for me and my friend, Bob, with a highlight stop at "Jump Rock." Mark is very interactive and is very knowledgable about the flora, fauna, geology, and history of the area. The easy-going hike complements Mark's easy going nature. He has genuine concern for the safety of the hikers, even having us use walking sticks and backpacks that he provided, as well as bottled water for drinking. Mark is a professional photographer who does great justice to the incredible vistas with his photographs of us hikers against the background of fijiords and forest. The hike was the highlight of our visit to Victoria! Highly recommended to get a genuine sense of the natural beauty of the area with an area expert who greatly enjoys his role as a guide. Go for it and be sure to ask Mark about "Jump Rock" and how to do that!

Ron S.  USA - May 21, 2019

Natural Beauty Walking Tour - Highlight of Trip

Forget the hop on hop off tours and schedule a tour with Mark. We had an incredible personalized tour. It is great to be with a local and see some hidden jewels. This was the highlight of our short trip. Because of the small group we were able to include a short hike with fantastic views. Mark recommended a great Italian restaurant and took us by to make reservations. Victoria is beautiful

CDVAKGAL Alaska, USA - May 20, 2019

Top of Gowlland Tod Hiking Tour

I chose to hike with a guide because I didn't want to rent a car or try to figure out how to get to a remote location via public transit. Mark picked me up at my Airbnb right on time, which i appreciated. Mark was a fantastic guide and hiking partner. He is very knowledgeable about the area and provided lots of interesting information as a naturalist and photographer. I am a hiker and former park ranger but I appreciated him taking the time to go through safety and hiking techniques. He also checked in at various points throughout the hike to make sure all was good. It was a gorgeous day and a great hike, and I'm so glad I found Mark on the HikeVictoria website!

Geobabe01 USA - May 19, 2019

Natural Beauty Walking Tour

My 82 year old mom and I loved this tour! It was the perfect way to see Victoria on our last day. Mark took us to places that we would never have seen, let alone, know about, and took amazing photos along the way! Bonus...we saw a bald eagle fly out of it's nest and Mark captured it on camera. Amazing! I highly recommend this tour for people of all ages. It was so much fun and so happy that we signed up!

Yogidoglover - USA - May 18, 2019

Top of Gowlland Tod Hiking Tour - Amazing Views, Amazing Guide

Mark took 4 Senior ladies up the trail. He was prepared for everything. Walking sticks, backpacks, snacks and water. Obviously a very long time resident of the region Mark taught us about the area. Lots of Photos, lots of AMAZING views and to top it off I think he ordered the perfect weather for the day! Clear with lots of sunshine. I would recommend this hike and Hike Victoria to all travelers . We were told it may be the highlight of our trip and it was! Thanks Mark and Hike Victoria!
One last thing -while the hike was a moderate hike the footing was a bit sketchy. My advice -when Mark offers you walking sticks TAKE THEM. He is the expert.

Pattim51, Bend, Oregon, USA - May 16, 2019

Natural Beauty Walking Tour - Fun, Professional Tour

Mark took us around town for a very enjoyable morning. Our group became fast friends, the scenery was great, and Mark surprised us more than once by showing us spots we had missed when we went on own earlier in the week to two of the locations. Price is incredibly reasonable for what you get - highly recommend!

Jzemore, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada - May 14, 2019

Natural Beauty Walking Tour - A great sightseeing tour

We went out with Mark on his Victoria tour. Seen some great stuff most tourists don't get to see as there on the outer edges of Victoria. He was very friendly and very knowledgeable. Picked us up at my sisters house and dropped us back there.
We will go with him again for sure.

Buchananglasgow, Glasgow, Scotland - May 13, 2019

Top of Gowlland Tod Hiking Tour - Amazing picturesque hike to the Top of Gowlland Tod with a great guide!