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Salmon Run Tour - Starts October 15, 2019trip advisor reviews

A Wonder of Nature!

Round Trip Tour Distance: about 1.5 km (almost a mile)

Difficulty:  Flat and easy!

Required Equipment:  Hiking boots, runners or rubber boots (if your hotel supplies them!), and a decent water resistant or waterproof jacket with layers.  Umbrellas supplied - we're gonna get you there rain or shine!

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The Goldstream Salmon Run is world class, with 3 species of salmon, numbering in the 10's of thousands, that return to the place of their birth.  Awe inspiring!  Mother Nature shows us the amazing spectacle of these salmon on their final journey.   Learn how it all happens and see it unfold before your eyes!   First, we take you to the lower Goldstream River to see massive nunbers of Chum Salmon. You'll see at least some of the many other creatures that benefit from both the end and the beginning of the salmon life cycle, including seagulls, eagles, raccoons, otters, mink, black bears, and humans  (the First Nations folks harvest the Chum, as they have for thousands of years).  We also take you to the Visitor's Centre which has some fascinating exhibits, along with a good viewpoint of the estuary where the eagles hang out. We then drive up to a spectacular viewpoint that is 360 meters high, and on the way back you get to see Niagara Falls - 45 meters (156 feet) high and very impressive.  Get your photo taken there by our professional photographer, Mark!

Add on a Hike to the Railway Trestle over the river that feeds Niagara Fallls.  You'll get great views of Mount Finlayson and a stunning view of the river about 45 meters (150 feet) below!